Is skateboarding a good way to exercise?

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Question by Tomato: Is skateboarding a good way to exercise?
I’ve never skateboarded in my life, and I just ordered a Stereo Vinyl Cruiser (which I heard was a GREAT beginner’s board) in hopes of learning with a friend. Is it a good source of exercise, or does it just burn a few calories? I walk a 2 mile distance everyday from school and I was planning on using the skateboard home for transportation purposes. And I’m sure I’ll skateboard around the local park on the weekends. I’m a couch potato and I want to do SOMETHING, I guess. Is it healthy for exercise or not really? (Yeah I know you get hurt by bumpy sidewalks and whatnot. I won’t do tricks though.)

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Answer by xiaoping
not really, think about it. Its even less physical then riding a bike, and its dangerous. All you really do is use one leg to push foward. I knwo all those tricks sound cool and stuff, but they are not ver good for excercise. Its more of a recreation, but anyways you can still learn skateboarding. Riding bikes is good for excercise

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JediLocal May 29, 2013 at 10:58 am

-.- loose answer above me^^
every physical activity is a form/way of exercise. from frisby to skateboarding.

since you are just starting, hope you got big wheels on that cruiser so you can role over cracks and rocks easily.

boarding will be easy/and is almost equivilent to running. only diff you wont feel the burn as much since you are on an object that will be helping you to move faster and cut the distance.

you would get more exercise from running or biking but nothing wrong with boarding

going to a park and riding around will help increase burning calories.
when you are burning calories you still gotta watch your diet though and aviod sugers.

if you just dont drink pop and eat candy you can actually cut down a lot without having to exercise.

ohh and for the person who commented about one foot….
we push with both.
it’s called skating/pushing switch lol


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